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Why these 3 pillars of business growth could put you out of business

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Business growth is a complex system having nothing in common with pillars. But what if the pillars held up a three-legged stool? No. Just, no. The pillars are the wrong metaphor. What you need is a Venn diagram with overlapping systems and consequences.

When my husband and I reached the 10 employee mark in our small business, we found ourselves too busy to interview people for our open positions. Meeting people during business hours was impossible, and we needed to get home to our kids in the evening. I was stymied; hands in the air; had no idea how to proceed. We were growing, but we were out of jet fuel.

Why We Needed A Coach

Fortunately, we had just hired a business coach. He walked me through how to systematize a hiring system that fit our hectic schedule. Several efficiencies were born. We began to screen applicants over the phone—much more thoroughly and using better questions to cut to the chase i.e. Do you have a driver's license? This was required in our industry, there was no flex. A tighter Q&A on the phone reduced the number of interviews.

Then—the method that saved us—we invited the pre-screened job seekers to a group interview. And we only held these one night a week. This level of control gave us our lives back. When the group convened, we explained the basics of the job and fielded questions. We’d have them watch a video and distribute paperwork to fill out. Meanwhile, we’d call them individually to our training room, where they’d demonstrate the core skills we needed them to have.

Developing these systems allowed us to eventually hire a personnel manager. No more one-night-a-week interviewing; we could hire all day and have the training and orientation managed by someone else. But of course, that required sales growth to support the position of personnel manager. Moreover, because we had systematized the hiring process we were able to hire for that management position, focus on selling more, which led to hiring more workers.

All three parts of the Venn worked together for business growth.

The scaling of any business involves; systems, hiring right, and sales. None of these stand alone like columns on a museum to accomplish growth. If they did, our business would have been history. (Yeah, a little pun intended). But the tricky part is figuring out which part to do first. You need a growth and hiring guru. I just happen to know one. Do you need help with your Venn? Let’s chat.

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