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Most small business owners need help, but they also need more sales to pay for the help. That's why I work on both the growth and hiring steps as your strategic assistant or *fractional COO from 4 to 40 hours a week depending on the situation. We'll begin by creating a plan customized to your unique business—not a canned curriculum—because we want to work on your direct and immediate needs.

Whatever you decide, you'll receive the 'trackable' plan in electronic or paper format. And you'll have online access to documents and forms to help you hire with ease and grow your business. Whether your goal is doubling revenue and/or hiring the right assistant or team, I'll be there helping you make it happen. You decide how fast you want to go. Let's talk soon.

To get an idea of pricing and deliverables, click the box below—but also know that we can customize a plan for you based on your needs.

What is a fractional coo?

Fractional means not full-time. The assistance of a fractional COO is meant to help your company when outdated systems or lack of staff is preventing growth. Perhaps you expected more from existing resources or you were unable to handle a critical project and need a cost effective way to elevate your growth. A fractional COO can help with the moving parts; marketing, training, and operations to align them with your goals and develop an action plan. In other words, I help you get stuff done. 



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